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Maui Structural Integration

Rolf Method Maui is your answer to treat chronic pain, stress, TMJ, and even asthma. Regardless of your age or body type, you can experience benefits from this transformational bodywork program created by Carter Evans.

And if you’re a yogi, dancer, surfer, or any kind of athlete, Carter’s healing bodywork can help improve your practice, form, and overall performance.

Carter integrates structural integration techniques learned from his experience across the globe, including Hawaii, Egypt, Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico, and California.

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Proven Results

  • Carter’s approach is very comprehensive. From his knowledge of the history of the practice of rolfing, and its true purpose, his personal approach of getting to know the client and customise the work for them, the work is amazing.

    Bryan Vanderhyden

  • The change in my yoga practice was even more stunning. It was like I was on “fast-forward” and flexibility that had been coming slowly over months, now came overnight.

    Ted Mills

Benefits of The Rolf Method