Carter Evans

L.M.T. MAT 8786
Advanced Certified Structural Integration Practitioner

Structural Integration MauiI first began My studies in massage in 2004 while attending the Maui school of therapeutic massage in Makawao, Maui. My interests spawned from a personal inquiry into the human condition at that point in my life around 24. Physically, spiritually, and metaphysically I was evolving and rapidly seeking. I was young, I was Physical, I was OPEN! I was being led by invisible forces of destiny. Lucky to have arrived Maui!! The motivation for attending the Massage program was really the expression of this Unique “readiness” that was more of what we refer to as “inner Knowing” .. a time of coming of age.

College Years

I had been an avid skier in College while attending University at Montana, mostly learning to integrate Nature into my life more, in the Sweet and cozy Town of Missoula, MT. As a result of excessive play, I sustained injuries that left me with a sense of lost potential. The lost potential in that I was unable to do the activities I loved to the degree physically that I wanted to and knew I could if I just understood the body more!! If I could recognize the patterns of thought, movement, and personality and their intricate links to wholeness at that young age to the degree I do now. I would have managed better, “all good things in all good time” I just knew there was “supreme intelligence” within the matrix of Bone, muscle, ligament and tissue, I did not know how to manage this imbalance yet manually, part of the reason the injuries were occurring was from already subtle strain patterns in the tissue and the facial webs or simply a lack of total awareness in movement and action, all which now, thankfully are facilitated through “Line” education and the process which Structural Integration is!!


Two separated shoulders with a torn rotator cuff, and then later a right anterior cruciate ligament injury that required reconstruction, this knee surgery was significant and had left me with significant strain patterns and atrophy at a young age. Post surgery, physical therapists were helpful, yet they seemed in general to lack the hands on approach to simply communicating with the body in ways that were applied through the “alternative methods” of body workers and massage practitioners. Which consequently I discovered sometime later. Better late than never!!

Learning The Techniques

My studies really were about healing myself at first, and as I delved deeper I began to realize this innate gift for therapeutic touch. The Structural Integration phase came after initial massage studies. I gravitated towards and specialized in the “connective tissue” or “Deep Tissue” techniques while practicing massage in spas and wellness centers in glorious Maui, Hawaii.

I was “turned on” to the Rolf method of structural integration by a close friend who had been living on Kauai Practicing Rolfing where Emmett Hutchins was teaching basic training and advanced training @ Guild for Structural Integration. Emmett is a great resource, a wellspring of direct teaching from Ida P. Rolf. Emmett and Ida were close friends and Ida P. Rolf, the originator of this method of bodywork pretty much hand picked Emmet as well as Peter Melchoir to be the first Official conduits and Teachers for what was to become the Guild for Structural Integration. I really was struck by Emmett Hutchins, like lightning. . One is required before training in S.I. to receive the “ten Series” I did. with a good Rolf method practicing therapist.. it was amazing, the within the first session I knew this work was significant and different in actually organizing the entire structure. It was not until I received work from Emmett in early spring 2007 on Kauai in auditing that I had what one might describe as a “religious experience” his mastery of “layers” his undeniable scientific understanding combined with his mystic abilities to create a unique and centrifugal impact in psychic connections with the fascial layers was immediately transformational. I knew I had come HOME!


Audited, trained and graduated from the Guild for Structural Integration in 2007. Carter humbly expresses and resonates an innate ability as a facilitator of the work.